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Budget Candle Colours

Budget Candle Colours.

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Essential Oils

NOTE:  Not all witches use essential oils, but if scent helps you in your magickal journey, then you may want to try them.  It’s always good to have at least one standard “altar” blend…for anointing tools and your forehead, if you so desire.  To anoint your forehead, use your power hand, and draw a pentagram.  There are other blends out there, so you need to make a decision on what you want.  An ESSENTIAL oil is the purest (and priciest), because of the process it takes to make it.  There are also other oil blends out there, which are less expensive, that you may wish to consider.  It’s entirely up to you.  Me?  I buy essential oils when I can.  My advice is that if you are going to buy ONE essential oil, make it an altar blend, as it is multi purpose.

Amber:  Love, comfort, happiness

Ambergris:  psychic ventures, dream

Apple Blossom:  Peace, success

Angelica: Grounds energy so that one is open to visions and messages from the higher self.

Balsam Fir:  Gives a spell a boost of energy

Basil : Stimulates the mind, eases decision making, and relieves gloom.

Bayberry:  protection, control

Bergamot: Opens hearts closed by grief to receive and give joy. Helps hearts already open to direct healing to others. Used with prosperity visualizations, attract money, uplift spirits

Birch: Relaxing and smoothing, eases tension stored in muscles.

Black Opium:  Opening hidden worlds.

Carnation:  protection, strength, healing, relief of depression

Cedarwood: Cuts through mental blockages to deepen our connection to spirit. Excellent for deep relaxation, meditation, and psychic work, healing, purification, unhex

Chamomile: Calming and soothing, with a strong effect on anger and over sensitivity. Assists in loving communication.

Cinnamon: Helps us connect with our psychic powers, used with visualization to create prosperity, purifying, stimulating, money

Clary Sage: Helps to encourage vivid dreams and clear inner visions. Also relieves stress.

Clove:  pain relief, intellectual stimulant.

Copal:  love, purification

Cypress: Helps with transitions, especially when involving decision making, gives comfort and strength in the face of loss including death, comfort, healing, protection.

Dragon’s Blood:  potency, protection

Eucalyptus: Psychic cleanser of negative energies, especially from arguments and fights, healing, purifying.

Fennel: Helps to ward off psychic attack and gives courage.

Frankincense: Historically a ceremonial oil, used to deepen breathing and elevate consciousness; helps to make one aware that reality is multidimensional; also helps break unwanted ties with the past, astral strength, protection.

Frangi Pangi:  aroma to attract trust.

Frankincense & Myrrh:  purification, healing.

Gardenia:  peace, love, healing

Geranium: A psychic and physical energizer, promotes courage, confidence and success, power in rituals, magick.

Ginger:  success in rituals/magick.

Heliotrope:  psychic power, attract wealth

High John:  strength, confidence.

Honeysuckle:  psychic powers, money

Jasmine: The oil of romance, considered to be a potent aphrodisiac. Helps blend physical and spiritual love.  Love, money, dreams

Juniper:  calming, protection

Juniperberry: Cleans out negative psychic energy, including one’s own feelings of uncleanliness.

Lavender: Calming , balancing, helps us integrate spirituality into everyday life. Can assist in sleep.  Cleansing, healing, love

Lemongrass: Stimulates Psychic awareness.  Psychic/mental clarity.

Lilac:  warding off, soothing

Lily of the Valley:  inner peace, memory

Lime: Energizing and revitalizing; can be used in visualizing personal protection.

Lotus:  opening, elevating, protection

Magnolia:  nature, trees, hair growth

Marjoram: Eases loneliness and grief, unites psychic and conscious minds.

Melissa: Opens the heart center; good for anxiety, emotional shock, grief, assists in past life recall.

Musk:  aphrodisiac, prosperity

Myrrh: Grounds spiritual energy, aids in meditation, helps us move through emotional and spiritual blockages, hex-breaking

Orange: Creates inner and outer atmosphere of cheer.

Orange Blossom:  attract proposals

Orange, Sweet:  attract men, peace, power

Patchouli: A grounding oil which connects our physical selves ; aphrodisiac.  Mastery, growth, love

Peppermint: Mental stimulant; balances both the overblown and under developed ego, energy.

Pine:  grounding, strength, cleansing

Rose: Heart opener, facilitates creativity, helps to bring a spiritual content to sexual relationships.  Love, house blessing, fertility.

Rosemary: Psychic protector; stimulant which promotes mental clarity.  Remembrance, energy.

Rosewood: Calms without inducing drowsiness; excellent for meditation.

Rue:  breaks hexes, money.

Sage:  wisdom, clarity, purification

Sage & Cedar:  healing, purification

Sandalwood: Stills the conscious mind so a meditative state can be achieved; helps free the mind from the past.  Spirituality, healing.

Strawberry:  love, luck

Tea-Tree: Considered to be a universal panacea; wide variety of uses.  Eliminate confusion, harmony.

Tuberose:  excite, sensuality, calming.

Vanilla:  lust, mental powers

Vetivert: With its wonderful earthy smell this is one of the most powerful grounding oils.  Unhexing, money, peace, love

Violet:  wisdom, luck, love, protection

Ylang Ylang:  Euphoria, harmony, love.


Wand Woods

Wood varieties and their properties and/or instructions:

ALDER – Known as the “King of the Waters”. The branches were used as making whistles and ritual pipes. Italian witches mixed an extract of alder sap together with the sap from the madder plant to produce red dyes, and these dyes used to colour ribbons, cords, and sashes. It represents divination, wisdom and protection.

APPLE – Reveal symbolism, both within and without. Also represents love, healing, longevity.

ASH – The ash tree received through Odin the gift of divination. It is the Tree of the Universe or the World Tree. It also represents protection, prosperity, healing.

BIRCH – Birch wands decorated with red ribbons will ward off the evil eye. It represents protection, exorcism, purification.

CHERRY – Represents love, divination, creativity.

CHERRY ROOT – Should only be taken from fallen tree.

ELDER – Spirit of the Earth Mother resides in the tree.

EUCALYPTUS – Represents cleansing, purification, divination and wisdom.

HAWTHORN – Associated with May Day, in honour of the sun god Belenus. Represents fertility, happiness.

HAZEL – It’s the Tree of Knowledge. Its branches are useful in divination and represents knowledge, divine powers, protection, and understanding.

HOLLY – The Holly Tree is the symbol of the Lord of Winter, the Holly King. Representing longevity.

MISTLETOE – According to legend the mistletoe grew on the sacred oak at Lake Nemi. It is not only the symbol of love but also of immortality.

OAK – The oak tree is the most sacred of all trees to the Ancient/Old Religions. Used for the Yule log and burned at Midsummer in the bale-fires. It represents immortality, wisdom, great divine spirit.

OLIVE – Is sacred to Athena/Minerva. Its oil was burned in temple lamps. It represents goodness, divination, protection and healing.

PINE – Represents protection, exorcism, money.

POPLAR – Represents money, astral projection.

POMEGRANATE – It figures in the myth of Persephone, and symbolises fertility.

ROWAN – Also known as the Mountain Ash, it is a tree long associated with Witchcraft and Paganism. It has protective symbolism, and appears frequently in mythology.

SYCAMORE – It has been called the Mother Tree and the Tree of Life. Represents maternal magic, and divination.

WALNUT – In Greek mythology Dionysos transformed his dead lover Carya into a walnut tree, and a temple was built in her honour. Represents love, divine spiritual powers, longevity.

WILLOW – Is linked to chastity, and to the Goddess Artemis. IT is used to draw mystical serpents from the Underworld to combat infertility. It also represents Moon magick, love, protection, healing.

There are wands of glass, copper, silver and other metals, but the “classic” material is still wood. Various woods have different magical associations and uses. It is very common for a “Wand Witch” to have many wands of various types in his/her magical closet. Witches who do not use athames often use a wand instead.

The following is a quite comprehensive list of candle colors and their correspondence. If you are a beginner, this will make a good guide for you. However, remember that these meanings are according to the authors of the books consulted though. These can vary between individuals. Therefore, I suggest you that you experiment on your own. Take one color at the time, look at it, and write down on your Book of Shadows what that color means to you. In this way, you will develop your own candle color correspondence.  From: and “The Craft” by Dorothy Morrison.
love of a passionate nature, sex magick.

health, energy, strength, passion, sexual potency, love, courage, will power, physical strength, magnetism, protection, to conquer fear or laziness, taking charge, vitality, energy, activity, Fire Element, Mother Aspect of Triple Goddess

deep affection of non-sexual nature

harmony and friendship in the home.

love, affection, romance, friendship, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness, youthful femininity, pleasant dreams, self-love, harmony

friendship, young females

Cooperation, increase of intuitive and psychic powers, self-trust, self-confidence

charm, intellect, imagination, power of the mind, creativity, confidence, gentle persuasion, action, attraction, concentration, inspiration, sudden changes, study, divination, creative endeavors, to be heard, communication, success, joy, Divine Child of the Triple God.

opportunity, love bondage.

encouragement, energy, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, sudden changes, control, power, to draw good things, change luck, to seal a spell, motivation, attraction rituals, business projects and proposals.

Gentility, nurturing, non-threatening appearance, friends, kindness, sympathy, empathy, well-wishing.

invoke the Goddess of regeneration, agriculture, financial.

abundance, prosperity, fertility, healing, health, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, balance, growth, employment, rejuvenation, ambition, and to remove greed and jealousy, to gain ambition, independence, fertility, Earth Element, Greenman Aspect of the Triple God.

to use with gold when looking for financial gains.

new beginnings.

to improve the weather.

Equal footing to practicality and spirituality, handling what seems to be insurmountable, getting a handle on practical matters, decision-making, balance, gaining trust.

change and psychism, organization, stucture, Water Element, Feminine Deities.

loyalty, honor, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, happiness, peace, fidelity, harmony in the home, patience, change, psychism.

Helps workaholics take a step back, stress relief, study and knowledge retention, finding logic

healing, patience, happiness, astral projection, initiations, protection of home, buildings, young males, relieves confusion, relieves anxiety and loss of control, peace, tranquility, pleasant dreams

to reveal deep secrets, protection on the astral levels, defenses.

use to call up the power of the Ancient Ones, runes, government.

success, idealism, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, protection, honors, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination, power, healing severe diseases, meditation, gain respect, spirituality, invoking Akasha Element.

to invoke righteous spirits within oneself when doing good magick, tension relief, intellect, knowledge retention, controlling erratic energy, brings true beauty to surface.

invoke Earth for benefits.

attract money and financial success, influence Earth Elementals, healing animals, concentration, balance, ESP, intuition, study, empathy, find misplaced things, peace in the home, grounding, stability, common sense, diffuses potentially harmful situations.

material benefits in the home.

purity (purification), protection, peace, spirituality and greater attainments in life, truth, sincerity, peace, power of a higher nature, wholeness, spiritual strength, clairvoyance, lunar energy, healing, meditation work, consecration rituals, devotional magick, relieve tension, brings focus to life goals, clarity, spiritual guidance, Maiden Aspect of the Triple Goddess.

peace of mind.

also known as the “mother candle.” burn it for 30 minutes at each moon phase.

to heal wounded pride, summon angelic protection.

conjure spirits of the dead, reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, discord, protection, releasing, repel dark magic and negative thoughtforms, stops gossip, stops meddling, breaking bad habits, separation, wisdom, secrets, Crone Aspect of the Triple Goddess, Sage Aspect of the Triple God.

very high vibrational frequency that tends to work fast, so usually burned with other candles; quick changes, spiritual healing, exorcism.

meditation, neutralize another’s magic, stop gossip, lies, or undesirable competition, balance out karma.

prosperity, sun magick.

great fortune, intuition, understanding, divination, fast luck, financial benefits, attracts higher influences, male deity powers and solar deities, represents the God, personal security, financial increase, general success.

prosperity in health.

removes negative powers, victory, stability, meditation, develop psychic abilities, female deity powers and lunar deities, represents the Goddess, removes inner turmoil, personal peace and serenity.

Here is how to make Holy Water:

Creating Holy Water (from Witch School)

To create holy water, gather together your Athame, and image of the Lord and Lady.
Also get a candle and a very clean container, chalice, goblet, cauldron, or cup filled
with water that is cold and very pure and another small container of sea salt.

Place the chalice or cup of water and the small container of salt before the image of
the Goddess and the representation of the God. The candle should be likewise before
the image of the Goddess, and lit. Clear and release. Then take the Athame in your
prominent hand and touch the tip of it into the salt reciting “In the name of the
Great Goddess, and the Great God of Strength, may all which is evil,
all which is negative, all which is harmful be cast forth from this
creature of earth, never to return. May only that which is good, that
which is clean and noble, remain within. So mote it be!” Visualize
blue/white emanating from the tip of you Athame entering the salt cleansing it of
all impure and negativity.

With the Athame tip still in the salt and recite “In the Name of the Great
Goddess, and the Great God of Strength, may this creature of earth
be given power and strength, and great forces of the universe, that in
the place where it is used, only that which is good, only that which is
clean and noble, and that which is secure and protecting, may remain.
So mote it be! Visualize yellow/white emanating from the tip of you Athame
entering the salt charging it with pure positive energy.

Then take the Athame in your prominent hand and touch the tip of it into the water
reciting “In the name of the Great Goddess, and the Great God of Strength,
may all which is evil, all which is negative, all which is harmful be cast
forth from this creature of water, never to return. May only that which is
good, that which is clean and noble, remain within. So mote it be!”
Visualize blue/white emanating from the tip of you Athame entering the water cleansing
it of all impurity and negativity.

With the Athame tip still in the water and recite “In the Name of the Great
Goddess, and the Great God of Strength, may this creature of water be
given power and strength, and great forces of the universe, that in the
place where it is used, only that which is good, only that which is clean
and noble, and that which is secure and protecting, may remain. So mote
it be! Visualize yellow/white emanating from the tip of you Athame entering the water
charging it with pure positive energy.

With your Athame’s tip measure out three equal portions of salt and place them into the
water.  Now stir the water with the blade of your Athame making three complete deosil
circles and recite “In the Name of the Great and Eternal Goddess, In the
Name of the God of Strength, and power of life, may the Great Forces of
Universe, be drawn into this consecrated water and filling it with light, that
it may, in any place wherein it is used, repel and cast forth all which is evil,
and all which is negative, so that only that which is good remains. In the
names of the Great Ones, So mote it be!”

A charm or chant to use while using Holy Water:
“Evil, evil – I banish thee
Back to thy realms – away from me
As I will, so mote it be.”

Yule Ashes

Yule ashes are a very powerful spell additive, boosting the power of any spell.  In order to have Yule ashes, you must clean your fireplace of all ashes before burning the Yule log.  Burn your Yule log, as your custom dictates, and when the ashes have completely cooled, collect them and place them into a container.  I live near Houston, Texas, USA, and it’s not often that it gets cold enough in December to burn a Yule log.  However, I had opportunity to do so in 2010, and still have the ashes left over from that.  I use mine sparingly, for obvious reasons, because I don’t know when I’ll have another opportunity to burn a Yule log.

Thunderwater is rainwater that came straight from the sky (as opposed to a gutter) during a thunderstorm falling between Beltane and Lammas.  It boosts the magickal energy of any spell.  The best part is – IT’S FREE!
To collect Thunderwater, get a clean jar and draw the TIWAZ rune (pronounced TEE-waz) – the upward pointing arrow on it inside the jar (sticky notes are good for this).  At Beltane, leave out to where it can catch water from thunderstorms straight from the sky.  At Lammas, bring in.  Store in the refrigerator so it will last longer.  Whenever you need a little extra boost in your magick, bring out your thunderwater.  A few drops will work just fine.  The energy from the storm will be released when you release the spell and send it hurtling forward into the universe.  Thunderwater can last for over a year.  In 2011, we had a very bad drought here, and no storms came.  I used my Thunderwater from 2010 that I had left over, until my mother threw it out…ah…but that’s another story for another day.  This year, we had generous storms, and I have a full jar.  When I brought it in, there was some debris in the jar, so I strained the water through a coffee filter into a large measuring container, washed the jar out, and replaced. (If it’s still there, remove the rune before storage).  Now I have a nice full jar of Thunderwater, ready for whenever I may need it!

)O( BB Aesobol