Wood varieties and their properties and/or instructions:

ALDER – Known as the “King of the Waters”. The branches were used as making whistles and ritual pipes. Italian witches mixed an extract of alder sap together with the sap from the madder plant to produce red dyes, and these dyes used to colour ribbons, cords, and sashes. It represents divination, wisdom and protection.

APPLE – Reveal symbolism, both within and without. Also represents love, healing, longevity.

ASH – The ash tree received through Odin the gift of divination. It is the Tree of the Universe or the World Tree. It also represents protection, prosperity, healing.

BIRCH – Birch wands decorated with red ribbons will ward off the evil eye. It represents protection, exorcism, purification.

CHERRY – Represents love, divination, creativity.

CHERRY ROOT – Should only be taken from fallen tree.

ELDER – Spirit of the Earth Mother resides in the tree.

EUCALYPTUS – Represents cleansing, purification, divination and wisdom.

HAWTHORN – Associated with May Day, in honour of the sun god Belenus. Represents fertility, happiness.

HAZEL – It’s the Tree of Knowledge. Its branches are useful in divination and represents knowledge, divine powers, protection, and understanding.

HOLLY – The Holly Tree is the symbol of the Lord of Winter, the Holly King. Representing longevity.

MISTLETOE – According to legend the mistletoe grew on the sacred oak at Lake Nemi. It is not only the symbol of love but also of immortality.

OAK – The oak tree is the most sacred of all trees to the Ancient/Old Religions. Used for the Yule log and burned at Midsummer in the bale-fires. It represents immortality, wisdom, great divine spirit.

OLIVE – Is sacred to Athena/Minerva. Its oil was burned in temple lamps. It represents goodness, divination, protection and healing.

PINE – Represents protection, exorcism, money.

POPLAR – Represents money, astral projection.

POMEGRANATE – It figures in the myth of Persephone, and symbolises fertility.

ROWAN – Also known as the Mountain Ash, it is a tree long associated with Witchcraft and Paganism. It has protective symbolism, and appears frequently in mythology.

SYCAMORE – It has been called the Mother Tree and the Tree of Life. Represents maternal magic, and divination.

WALNUT – In Greek mythology Dionysos transformed his dead lover Carya into a walnut tree, and a temple was built in her honour. Represents love, divine spiritual powers, longevity.

WILLOW – Is linked to chastity, and to the Goddess Artemis. IT is used to draw mystical serpents from the Underworld to combat infertility. It also represents Moon magick, love, protection, healing.

There are wands of glass, copper, silver and other metals, but the “classic” material is still wood. Various woods have different magical associations and uses. It is very common for a “Wand Witch” to have many wands of various types in his/her magical closet. Witches who do not use athames often use a wand instead.