NOTE:  Not all witches use essential oils, but if scent helps you in your magickal journey, then you may want to try them.  It’s always good to have at least one standard “altar” blend…for anointing tools and your forehead, if you so desire.  To anoint your forehead, use your power hand, and draw a pentagram.  There are other blends out there, so you need to make a decision on what you want.  An ESSENTIAL oil is the purest (and priciest), because of the process it takes to make it.  There are also other oil blends out there, which are less expensive, that you may wish to consider.  It’s entirely up to you.  Me?  I buy essential oils when I can.  My advice is that if you are going to buy ONE essential oil, make it an altar blend, as it is multi purpose.

Amber:  Love, comfort, happiness

Ambergris:  psychic ventures, dream

Apple Blossom:  Peace, success

Angelica: Grounds energy so that one is open to visions and messages from the higher self.

Balsam Fir:  Gives a spell a boost of energy

Basil : Stimulates the mind, eases decision making, and relieves gloom.

Bayberry:  protection, control

Bergamot: Opens hearts closed by grief to receive and give joy. Helps hearts already open to direct healing to others. Used with prosperity visualizations, attract money, uplift spirits

Birch: Relaxing and smoothing, eases tension stored in muscles.

Black Opium:  Opening hidden worlds.

Carnation:  protection, strength, healing, relief of depression

Cedarwood: Cuts through mental blockages to deepen our connection to spirit. Excellent for deep relaxation, meditation, and psychic work, healing, purification, unhex

Chamomile: Calming and soothing, with a strong effect on anger and over sensitivity. Assists in loving communication.

Cinnamon: Helps us connect with our psychic powers, used with visualization to create prosperity, purifying, stimulating, money

Clary Sage: Helps to encourage vivid dreams and clear inner visions. Also relieves stress.

Clove:  pain relief, intellectual stimulant.

Copal:  love, purification

Cypress: Helps with transitions, especially when involving decision making, gives comfort and strength in the face of loss including death, comfort, healing, protection.

Dragon’s Blood:  potency, protection

Eucalyptus: Psychic cleanser of negative energies, especially from arguments and fights, healing, purifying.

Fennel: Helps to ward off psychic attack and gives courage.

Frankincense: Historically a ceremonial oil, used to deepen breathing and elevate consciousness; helps to make one aware that reality is multidimensional; also helps break unwanted ties with the past, astral strength, protection.

Frangi Pangi:  aroma to attract trust.

Frankincense & Myrrh:  purification, healing.

Gardenia:  peace, love, healing

Geranium: A psychic and physical energizer, promotes courage, confidence and success, power in rituals, magick.

Ginger:  success in rituals/magick.

Heliotrope:  psychic power, attract wealth

High John:  strength, confidence.

Honeysuckle:  psychic powers, money

Jasmine: The oil of romance, considered to be a potent aphrodisiac. Helps blend physical and spiritual love.  Love, money, dreams

Juniper:  calming, protection

Juniperberry: Cleans out negative psychic energy, including one’s own feelings of uncleanliness.

Lavender: Calming , balancing, helps us integrate spirituality into everyday life. Can assist in sleep.  Cleansing, healing, love

Lemongrass: Stimulates Psychic awareness.  Psychic/mental clarity.

Lilac:  warding off, soothing

Lily of the Valley:  inner peace, memory

Lime: Energizing and revitalizing; can be used in visualizing personal protection.

Lotus:  opening, elevating, protection

Magnolia:  nature, trees, hair growth

Marjoram: Eases loneliness and grief, unites psychic and conscious minds.

Melissa: Opens the heart center; good for anxiety, emotional shock, grief, assists in past life recall.

Musk:  aphrodisiac, prosperity

Myrrh: Grounds spiritual energy, aids in meditation, helps us move through emotional and spiritual blockages, hex-breaking

Orange: Creates inner and outer atmosphere of cheer.

Orange Blossom:  attract proposals

Orange, Sweet:  attract men, peace, power

Patchouli: A grounding oil which connects our physical selves ; aphrodisiac.  Mastery, growth, love

Peppermint: Mental stimulant; balances both the overblown and under developed ego, energy.

Pine:  grounding, strength, cleansing

Rose: Heart opener, facilitates creativity, helps to bring a spiritual content to sexual relationships.  Love, house blessing, fertility.

Rosemary: Psychic protector; stimulant which promotes mental clarity.  Remembrance, energy.

Rosewood: Calms without inducing drowsiness; excellent for meditation.

Rue:  breaks hexes, money.

Sage:  wisdom, clarity, purification

Sage & Cedar:  healing, purification

Sandalwood: Stills the conscious mind so a meditative state can be achieved; helps free the mind from the past.  Spirituality, healing.

Strawberry:  love, luck

Tea-Tree: Considered to be a universal panacea; wide variety of uses.  Eliminate confusion, harmony.

Tuberose:  excite, sensuality, calming.

Vanilla:  lust, mental powers

Vetivert: With its wonderful earthy smell this is one of the most powerful grounding oils.  Unhexing, money, peace, love

Violet:  wisdom, luck, love, protection

Ylang Ylang:  Euphoria, harmony, love.