Thunderwater is rainwater that came straight from the sky (as opposed to a gutter) during a thunderstorm falling between Beltane and Lammas.  It boosts the magickal energy of any spell.  The best part is – IT’S FREE!
To collect Thunderwater, get a clean jar and draw the TIWAZ rune (pronounced TEE-waz) – the upward pointing arrow on it inside the jar (sticky notes are good for this).  At Beltane, leave out to where it can catch water from thunderstorms straight from the sky.  At Lammas, bring in.  Store in the refrigerator so it will last longer.  Whenever you need a little extra boost in your magick, bring out your thunderwater.  A few drops will work just fine.  The energy from the storm will be released when you release the spell and send it hurtling forward into the universe.  Thunderwater can last for over a year.  In 2011, we had a very bad drought here, and no storms came.  I used my Thunderwater from 2010 that I had left over, until my mother threw it out…ah…but that’s another story for another day.  This year, we had generous storms, and I have a full jar.  When I brought it in, there was some debris in the jar, so I strained the water through a coffee filter into a large measuring container, washed the jar out, and replaced. (If it’s still there, remove the rune before storage).  Now I have a nice full jar of Thunderwater, ready for whenever I may need it!

)O( BB Aesobol