My Facebook Page

I have been told I’m nearly impossible to find on Facebook, and there’s a reason for that (another story for another day), so I thought I’d post it here.  I also run a page on Facebook that I created…a secret group….called Wicca Spells and Book of Shadows (WSBOS for short).  You can’t find that on Facebook, either, as you have to be invited by either me or one of my admins.  Feel free to contact me, if you have a FB account and say something about the “witches blog”.


My little fledgling company

My little webpage where I advertise my sachets for sale.  Prices depend on ingredients/materials plus a small profit.  I do not charge for spellwriting.  Hoping to sell at the local level, though I can do continental US orders through paypal.  If interested, follow the “contact us” link.

Blackberry Circle

A coven that I loosely associate with.  NOT A MEMBER!  But, they DO have open rituals on certain Sabbats, and I’ve been known to go.

Moon Phases

website that gives you the phases of the Moon.

Tarot Garden

HUGE selection of Tarot cards!  HUGE!  If you’re looking for it, chances are, you’ll find it here.

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

A good look at Celtic Gods and Goddesses.

Norse Gods and Goddesses

A look at some of the major Gods and Goddesses in Norse legend

Become Ordained!

For those of you who wish to become ordained to perform legal handfastings, here is one place where you can go to do it.  You still have to go up to your county and fill out the proper paperwork, and a lot of people have had trouble with this and their particular county, but this gives you the authority to take that step.

Magickal Properties of Stones

A GREAT website with lots of information on the magickal/metaphysical properties of stones and gems!  Highly recommended.  This is the first place I go for my information.

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

offers a study program in druidry.