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Dolomite is a gentle stone that encourages charitable actions, generosity and giving of all kinds, as well as receiving. It also encourages energetic thinking, original thinking, spontaneity, creativity, and manifestation. It can help develop stamina for dealing with hyperactive people. It is also used to stop energy leaks from the chakras, and to balance and align the chakras. It stabilizes both human and mineral energies, and when placed strategically in a home with other minerals they balance the energetic atmosphere. It is a particularly good stone for relieving sorrow, and soothing hurt, loneliness and anxiety. Sometimes it is called the “herb” of rocks. In the physical realm it is also beneficial for strengthening bones, teeth, muscles, and the female reproductive system. It reduces the effects of PMS. Pink dolomite is also particularly good for insomnia.



Diamond is a stone that bonds relationships and enhances love. It brings longevity, particularly to relationships, balance, clarity and abundance. It can amplify one’s thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses. It gives one who wears or carries it courage and hope. Historically, crushed diamond has been used as a cure for many ailments. Diamond is primarily associated with the crown chakra. Diamonds come in many colors and are also related to other chakras according to color.


Copper Copper is a metal. It channels energy. Put copper with any other stone and it increases the energy of the stone. For a very powerful tool wrap copper wire around a crystal wand. The most powerful tool is a copper pipe filled with stones and on each end fit a crystal point.


Citrine is a “must have” stone. This is a good stone to use in spells asking for prosperity, not only will citrine attract money and success; it will help you keep it. Put a citrine in the back left corner in every room in your home to insure abundance. The back left corner is the corner viewed from the doorway as you enter any room. Citrine colors are from pale yellow to brown.  Good for bringing happiness, joy and optimism into your life.  Never contains or holds negative energy and energizes and improves self esteem, helping to open the mind.

Affirmation: I open myself to the inspiration of my creative imagination, and through the strength of my will, aligned with Divine will, I manifest my dreams.
Chakras: Cleanses and reenergizes all
Number: 6
Zodiac Sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Beneficial for: Sensitivity to environmental influences; optimism; letting go of the past; self-esteem; self-confidence; concentration; depression; fears; phobias; individuality; motivation; creativity; self-expression; nightmares; Alzheimer’s; itching; male hormones; detoxification; elimination; energizing; recharging; ME; degenerative disease; digestion; spleen; pancreas; kidney and bladder infections; eye problems; blood circulation; thymus; thyroid; nerves; constipation; cellulite.

As an elixir: menstrual problems, menopause, hot flushes, balancing hormones, alleviating fatigue

Much of our experience on the Earth plane is gained from our attempts to transform our dreams and wishes into physical tangibility. This is the process of manifestation, creating form or experience from the energetic blueprints of our thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Citrine is our foremost ally in the process of manifestation.

Imagination, as Einstein said, is more important than knowledge. Knowledge refers to facts, conditions or principles already known and is thus rooted in the past. Through knowledge alone there can be repetition only, no creativity. The creative powers of human beings, and all beings, are rooted in imagination. Before someone could create the laser beam, the sonnet or the soufflé, it had to be imagined. Imagination is the means by which one turns toward the time stream from the future, opening the self beyond what has been, into the realm of what can be. Citrine stimulates imagination through three portals – the third eye, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. The vibratory resonance of Citrine activates and harmonizes these three energy centers, all of which are necessary to the process of creative imagination.

Through the third eye, Citrine activates the thinking process and enhances mental clarity, as well as the visionary function through which inner images appear. After all, imagination is in essence the process of image-making. Until one has the image, one cannot build the invention. Through the sacral chakra, Citrine stimulates the creative function, the wellspring from which new potentials are born. It is fitting that this chakra is also the sexual energy center, the source of both types of ‘conceptions,’ imaginal and biological. Through the solar plexus, Citrine generates the human dynamo of personal will. The energy that sustains one through the grunt work of manifesting one’s creative ideas is that of the will. Without this third component ideas can fizzle out before they come to fruition. Citrine strengthens this chakra, and through that, one can more readily dig down and find the persistence to ‘make it happen.’

In addition, it enables us to open more fully to the energy of Divine Will and the path of love. By resonating with Citrine, we are reminded that we are loved and supported by the Universe in our efforts towards manifestation. When one chooses the path of love and joy, opening to the power of Divine Will, Citrine supports us in bringing forth what is truly beautiful. It carries the power of the sun, and cleanses and transmutes any negative energies or thought patterns that may be blocking the flow from imagination into manifestation. Citrine very rarely needs cleaned of energy.

Note: Wear in contact with skin.

Chrysoprase is a stone to use when creativity is needed. Chrysoprase stimulates fidelity in personal relationships and business. It is a very positive stone, as it looks for the best in all situations. Chrysoprase works with the higher conscious and brings the unconscious to the conscious mind. Chrysoprase is apple green to lemon yellow with streaks of brown. Chrysoprase is powerful stone. It is said to bring good fortune and prosperity, as well as business success. It facilitates self-expression and courage and the ability to use them wisely. It can bring happiness, which is partly because it helps its wearer get rid of negative thoughts and irritability. It also enhances and strengthens friendships. Chrysoprase is a stone of balance that equalize yin/yang energies and allows deep meditation. It can mend broken hearts and remove inferiority or superiority complexes. It is a powerful healing stone that aids failing eyesight or other eye problems, immune system response, fertility issues, gout, mental illness, relieves fevers and excess body heat, and can help guard against sexually transmitted diseases. Chrysoprase is related primarily to the heart chakra, which it activates, opens and energizes. It also aligns all the chakras.

Affirmation: I see myself and others through the lens of the heart’s compassion, and I grow in the paths that serve the good of all.
Chakras: Sacral, solar plexus, heart
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: Water

Beneficial for: Fluent speech; judgmentalism; forgiveness; compassion; mental dexterity; codependence; detoxifying; stanching blood; pain; arthritis; rheumatism; influenza; eyes; mobilizing heavy metals out of the body; liver function; relaxation; fertility; infertility caused by infection; sexually transmitted diseases; gout; eye problems; mental illness; skin diseases; heart problems; goiter; balancing hormones; digestive system; infirmity; absorption of vitamin C; fungal infections; claustrophobia; nightmares

Chrysoprase is a lovely stone of the pure Green Ray and as such it is a stone of the heart. The frequency of Chrysoprase reminds one of sunlight falling through fresh, new spring leaves. It carries an energy of growth and ripening promise. Chrysoprase brings hope even into the darkest regions of one’s shadow self. It reminds us of our constant connection to the source of All-That-Is. Its energy expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite Line and Abundance of the Universe. It helps one accept one’s birthrights of prosperity, joy, and health. It helps one to understand one’s interconnectedness with all of creation and to heal feelings of separation and isolation.

Chrysoprase helps one remain centered in the heart at all times, providing the courage to face difficult or threatening situations with steadfast resolve and truth-centered compassion. Through the compassionate lens of Chrysoprase, one is able to look back at relationships which ended unpleasantly and to resolve them inwardly with a profound sense of forgiveness, both for the other person and for oneself. It can aid in identifying patterns and habits in relationships and their karmic bases, and helps us release attachment to these fear-based emotions, belief systems and actions (as well as bitterness and past disappointments). It teaches us that anything that isn’t love, isn’t love! These stones truly give strength to the emotional heart so that relationships of all kinds can be approached with the curious heart of youth.

Chrysoprase also activates the solar plexus chakra, seat of the will. It works to blend one’s personal will with the urgings of the heart, thus uniting our individual desires with the heart’s higher longing for the good of all. Meditation with two Chrysoprase stones – one placed at the heart and the other at the solar plexus – will facilitate the linkage of these two energy centers, coordinating their energies and reforming them into a powerful unified vibrational force. The awakened heart, fueled by the undivided will, can do much to awaken the hearts of others and to bring the heart’s desires to fruition.

Chrysoprase’s color speaks of its strong healing energy and of its connection to the domain of Nature spirits. Wearing or meditating with these stones can facilitate a deep heart connection with the spirit of the Earth Mother, as well as devas and other Earth-spirit entities.

Chrysoberyl (Natural Cat’s Eye)
Natural Cat’s Eye(chrysoberyl) is a stone of good fortune and good luck. It is said to bring serenity and happiness, along with optimism and generosity. It is used in emotional crystal healing to bring forgiveness, balanced emtions, and self-esteem. Cat’s eye can enhance creativity and kindness. It is also a stone of protection. Physically, cat’s eye is used in crystal healing for kidneys, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes, spleen, and leukemia issues.

Chrysocolla is a stone of many attributes. It is calming, a bringer of wisdom, stabilizes relationships and helps bring about inner balance. To bring a new love into your life put a chrysocolla in a pink vase or cup half filled with water. Put 5 red roses in the vase, as soon as the roses fade, throw them out and keep the stone under your pillow. Chrysocolla is shades of blue and green. Chrysocolla (chrysacolla) is a stone of harmony, both on a universal level and a very specific level. It can be used to purify a place or remove negativity from a person. It is a very gentle stone and its energy works in a gentle, harmonious way. It can help ease fear, anxiety, and guilt. It is also used to communicate with the spiritual forces of the Earth. Physically, it is good for treating asthma, emphysema, TB, pneumonia, muscle cramps, spasms, arthritis, headaches, particularly tension headaches, and is used for protection during pregnancy and childbirth. Chrysocolla is primarily related to the throat chakra, although it can be used on the heart and solar plexus chakras.

Chakras: Cleanses and activates all, aligning with divine
Number: 5
Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Virgo, Taurus
Planet: Venus
Element: Water

Beneficial for: Personal power; creativity; self-awareness; confidence; motivation; letting go; phobias; guilt; mental tension; miasms; grief; lungs; breathing capacity; pain; regulating insulin; reoxygenating blood; blood pressure; cellular structure; Alzheimer’s; arthritis; bone disease; muscle spasm; digestive tract; ulcers; blood disorders; liver; kidneys; intestines; pancreas; blood; muscles; infections; throat and tonsils; burns; thyroid; metabolism; PMS; menstrual cramps

An excellent auric cleanser and powerful energy conduit, this is a useful stone for meditation and communication. Accepting with serenity situations that are constantly changing, it helps you remain impartial and speak your truth. Beneficial to relationships, it draws off negative energies, stabilizing the home. Drawing out negative emotions, it reverses destructive programming, heals heartache, and increases the capacity to love. Assisting communication yet aiding in keeping silent when appropriate, it attunes you to the song lines of the earth.