Nourishing Energy Spell

The days are growing longer, but the air is still cold and the ground barren. Beneath the soil, the mother is nourishing the seeds that will become next spring?s flowers. The growing Sun is introducing warmth and
light to nourish these tender infants of the next growing season. As the universe nourishes the seeds of spring, focus these energies to nourish your inner seeds. Light a white candle. Burn your favorite incense, and relax in a comfortable position. Relax your body, and quiet your mind. Ask your higher self to open to rays of nourishing energy. Visualize this energy touching your crown and flowing into your body. Feel this energy warm and regenerate you with every breath. Allow the energy to reach through you, trailing off into the earth, grounding any excess or unwanted energy. Allow the energy to continue its flow until you feel it is no longer necessary. Thank your higher self for this rejuvenation. Spend the rest of the evening participating in activities that you enjoy.

By:  A Circle of Witches