Wrote the Self-Initiation/Initiation ritual for the HPS and HP last night.  We will do it at Mabon.  We have a prospective new member, which is good.  I am eager to get this coven going.  It will be interesting to see how everything mingles together…and hopefully it will work out.

Have to write a coven ritual for Mabon.  I have a solitary one, and as a last resort, I will revise it.  However, I would like to make a new one for the coven.  I will have to research for it, get several different views from several different witch authors, and add to it what I know and want.

Master, Lord and HP of the coven is coming up Thursday to do Mabon with me.  We are meeting up with a woman that evening who is trying to start a Druid Hearth in our area.  We have decided to support each other.  And, of course, there may be a meeting with the prospective new member, where we put her in the hot seat and also assess her energy…see if she’s a good fit, etc.

I found my old, brass bell gong in the garage and polished it and placed it on my altar yesterday.  It polished up pretty well, if you ask me.  It will be incorporated into ritual.  I still have to get decorations for the altar, etc,etc.

I’m sure many of you fellow witches are facing the same things I am this week, in preparation for the Sabbat.  What people term the “first day of fall” (if you ask me, it doesn’t come until Samhain, which means, “Summer’s End”) and think of as an average day is so much more to us!  In secret or out in the open, we will be celebrating.  Master would like to do ritual in the back yard, which would call for some MAJOR poop scooping.  I have something I can use for a temporary altar, so that’s not a problem.  However, I don’t know how my Catholic neighbors would take to the idea of  witches dressed only in cloaks carrying about in the yard…lol.  Guess I’ll worry about that when the time comes.