This is one of the lessons I took at Witch School.  I find it good information to know and worth sharing:

In this lesson we will cover the basics of correspondences. Correspondences are magickal properties related to spell ingredients and timing, etc. It would be a tremendous undertaking to try to list all the correspondences or properties of all spell ingredients in one place. So for the purpose of this basic course, I will list enough to give you a list that you can work with as you begin to write your spells. As you become more familiar with writing spells, you will begin to collect more and more information on correspondences and will find your basic lists growing.

There are an unlimited number of ingredients you can include in your spells, far too many to list here. We will include some basic herbs, oils, stones, and other correspondences. By using these lists you will be able to write your own basic spells. Each will be listed by intention.

Note: When working with stones, clear quartz crystals may be used in place of any stone and can be included in any working to add its power to the energy of the spell and its ingredients.

Herbs: Agrimony, cloves, mullein, mustard seed, sweet pea, tea (black or green tea), yarrow.
Stones: Agate, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, carnelian, red tourmaline, tiger’s-eye.
Oils: Cedar oil, clove oil, ginger oil.

Herbs: Beech, cinnamon, clove, vervain.
Stones: Amethyst, aquamarine, fluorite labradorite, sapphire.
Oils: Cinnamon oil, honeysuckle oil, jasmine oil, lemon oil, mint oil, orange oil.

Good Luck
Herbs: Allspice, bayberry, cabbage, caraway, heather, moss, parsley, peony, poppy,
star anise, strawberry, vanilla bean, violet.
Stones: Amber, amethyst, aventurine, apache tears, jade, lepidolite, tiger’s eye, turquoise.
Oils: Orange oil, pine oil.

Herbs: Azalea, catnip, cherry, geranium, hawthorn, lavender, saffron,
St. John’s wort, violet, witch grass.
Stones: Amethyst, chrysoprase, yellow zircon.
Oils: Apple blossom oil, basil oil, lavender oil, sesame oil, tuberose oil.

Herbs: Allspice, angelica, apple, bay, blackberry, cedar, garlic, sandalwood, rosemary.
Stones: Agate, bloodstone, coral, hematite, holey stones, jasper, pink tourmaline,
rose quartz.
Oils: Camphor oil, coriander oil, cypress oil, eucalyptus oil, myrrh oil.

Herbs: Avocado, cardamom, carnation, coriander, frangipani, ginger, jasmine,
rose, tomato.
Stones: Calcite, beryl, moonstone, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, sapphire, topaz.
Oils: Cardamom oil, coriander oil, ginger oil, jasmine oil, rose oil.

Magickal Powers
Herbs: Alder, galangal, marigold, mugwort.
Stones: Bloodstone, garnet, quartz crystal, malachite, opal.
Oils: Allspice oil, dragon’s blood oil, ginger oil, vanilla oil.

Herbs: Almond, buckeye, comfrey, dill, garlic, honeysuckle, oak moss, tonka bean,
Stones: Aventurine, coal, calcite, goldstone, jade, mother of pearl, salt, opal.
Oils: Allspice oil, basil oil, bergamot oil, cinnamon oil, cinquefoil oil, patchouli oil,
pine oil.

Herbs: Bay leaf, bergamot, cloves, cinquefoil, dragon’s blood (resin), geranium, juniper,
rosemary, St. John’s wort, Spanish moss.
Stones: Emerald, hematite, moonstone, holey stones.
Oils: Cypress oil, juniper oil, patchouli oil.

Herbs: Alfalfa, almond, elderberry, mistletoe, musk, parsley, peony, poppy, tulip,
Stones: Aventurine, bloodstone, chrysoprase, mother of pearl, olivine, ruby, sapphire,
tiger’s eye.
Oils: Almond oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, patchouli oil.

Herbs: Clover, honeysuckle, peony, rowan, strawberry.
Stones: Amazonite, chrysoprase, malachite.
Oils: Ginger oil, oakmoss oil, sunflower oil, verbena oil, vertivert oil.

Herbs: Bodhi, lemongrass, sage, sunflower.
Stones: Coral, chrysocolla, jade, sodalite, sugalite.
Oils: Almond oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil.

Magickal Properties and Correspondences

Color Correspondence Table
White: All purposes, peace, purity, protection.
Black: Banishing, banishing negativity, absorbing negativity.
Red: Energy, strength, passion, courage, protection, self-defense.
Pink: Romantic love, friendship, peace, compassion.
Orange: Energy, courage, success, willpower, imagination.
Yellow: Intellectual pursuits, confidence, travel, communication.
Green: Healing, money, wealth, fertility, jobs, growth, luck, abundance.
Blue: Healing, patience, happiness, wisdom, psychic abilities, tranquility, changes.
Purple: Power, spirituality, meditation, magickal powers, deep healing.
Brown: Stability, pets, grounding, strength.

Tidal Correspondence Table
High Tide: The water is at its highest level. This is the optimum time to perform all types
of magickal spells.
Ebb Tide: The optimum time to perform banishing spells to send off the unwanted with
the receding tide.
Low Tide: The water is at its lowest level; the optimum time for introspection and going
Flow Tide: The tide is ‘coming in’ or rising. The optimum time for performing
manifestation spells, spells to bring in or draw.

Lunar Correspondence Table
Waxing Moon: Optimum time for manifestation spells, spells to draw your desires or
Full Moon: Optimum time for all magickal spells and workings, the time of greatest
Waning Moon: Optimum time for introspection and magickal spells of banishing
negative or harmful energy.
New Moon: Optimum time for new beginnings.

Days of The Week Correspondence Table
Monday: Psychic abilities, peace, healing, fertility.
Tuesday: Passion, courage, protection, strength.
Wednesday: Wisdom, divination, studies, travel.
Thursday: Money, prosperity, luck, wealth, success.
Friday: Love, romance, friendship, beauty.
Saturday: Family and home, transitions, new beginnings, banishing.
Sunday: Healing, power, success, protection, vitality, vigor.

Time of Day Correspondence Table
Morning: New ventures, new beginnings, success, jobs, healing, purification.
Noon: Power, strength, energy, courage, protection, prosperity, money, luck. Add extra
energy and power to spells.
Evening: Banishing, getting rid of unwanted or negative energy.
Night: Love, divination, magickal power, psychic abilities.

Element Correspondence Table
Earth (North): Grounding, money, jobs, possessions, prosperity, manifestation, growth.
Air (East): New beginnings, communication, study, learning, wisdom.
Fire (South): Courage, creativity, passion, protection, strength, banishing, energy, will
power, change.
Water (West): Purification, love, psychic powers, dreams, divination, peace.

In this lesson I have attempted to give you the basic information on magickal properties and correspondences. At this point, by using the tables and the information in the previous lessons, you should be able to sit down and write a spell of your own. Do not limit yourself to these short tables. There is a wealth of information to learn in regards to magickal properties and correspondences. The lists of herbs, stones, oils, and other spell ingredients are as limitless as the imagination. It is a wise witch who listens to his/her own intuitive voice when laying out a spell. If you sense the need to use a certain ingredient in place of one traditionally used, then do so. It is by listening to our higher selves that we truly begin to learn and grow as witches.

Summary and Closure

In this course we have covered the very basics of writing a spell. By following these guidelines and applying our Wiccan principles to our workings, we are sure to create spells that will enhance our lives and light our paths to becoming balanced and powerful witches. I wish you success in your magickal endeavors.

Blessed Be,
Moonraven (Rev. Teri Ott)
1st Degree Priestess Correllian Tradition
1st Degree Mentor
1st Degree Senior Mentor
aka Marina Seabourne Writer and Sea Witch.