There’s a little store up the road that is in a string of merchant shops in what is known as “Old Town Spring” called Simply Magick.  I didn’t know about the place until I was in the pawn shop up the road and a girl behind the counter was wearing one of their t-shirts.  I know it’s hard to imagine a place like that remaining open here in the Bible Belt, but it manages.

The last time I was at Simply Magick was September 1.  I bought some Bergamot oil and an interesting new incense called Vampire’s Blood, which actually smells pretty good.  This little shop has a variety of things, but is not very big, so selection is limited.  However, every time I go there, I usually end up picking something up.  I especially like their rather large (for them, anyway) collection of herbs.  I usually buy online because of the lack of shops around here, but I frequent Simply Magick to support them.

As for me, I am feeling a spiritual disconnection, which has me concerned, but I suppose everyone goes through a lull.  However, my faith is what keeps me strong, so I hate it when this occurs.  It seems like I’ve been too busy to listen to the Gods, and that has GOT TO STOP!  Because it is THEM that keeps me positive and healthy emotionally and spiritually.

I got some good news yesterday in the form of money.  I’ll be getting some within the next 4 days.  That means I can make Mabon a really GREAT affair!  Hopefully that will begin a reconnection.  I’m really hoping so, because I miss the connection I had.  I’m hoping it will all come back.