Aventurine, Green is the stone of opportunity and attracts prosperity. It is often used in money spells. Keep an aventurine in your left pocket when you are buying a lottery ticket or playing any game of chance. Green aventurine can also show the path to other possibilities. If you are undecided about something that you have to make a decision, bury a green aventurine on the north corner of your house on the night of the full moon. Three nights after the full moon dig it up and put the green aventurine under your pillow, the next morning you should know the best decision. Aventurine occurs in several other colors. The green aventurine is very pale green to dark green.  It is also considered an all purpose healing stone.  Another potent stone for relieving stress, anxiety and emotional discomfort.

Affirmation: I move forward with optimism, confidence, and renewed vitality.
Chakras: Heart
Number: 3
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water, Earth

Beneficial for: Negative emotions and thoughts; malignant conditions; nausea; stress; eyes; heart; balancing male-female energy; prosperity; leadership; decisiveness; compassion; empathy; irritation; creativity; stuttering; severe neurosis; thymus gland; connective tissue; nervous system; blood pressure; metabolism; cholesterol; arteriosclerosis; heart attacks; anti-inflammatory; skin eruptions; allergies; migraine headaches; eyes; adrenals; lungs; sinuses; heart; muscular and urogenital systems; cell repair; growth; vitality; spleen; lethargy

Green Aventurine is a comforter, all-around healer, and general harmonizer, bringing in well-being and emotional calm. It is a powerful expression of the combined energies of the Water and Earth elements, supporting emotional and physical healing and energy balancing. Green Aventurine’s essence is that of spring bursting forth after a long, dark winter. Its frequency stimulates renewal on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, assisting one in releasing old patterns, disease and lessons, so new growth and movement can take place.

It helps one move forward with confidence into new situations, even such challenging issues as aging, illness and one’s own mortality. It is not a stone of resignation or acceptance so much as it is a facilitator of one’s taking everything in stride. It brings with it a feeling of lightness, even humor, as it assists one in dealing with the ups and downs of life. In meditation, it helps one to persevere through the times when it seems as if nothing is happening. In emotional life, it allows one to look at the bright side of difficult issues. In healing, it instills life force and aids in rebuilding depleted energy reserves.

The Water element of Green Aventurine can assist one in perceiving the core emotional issues behind illness or imbalance. It soothes emotional wounds and facilitates the release of outmoded relationships, emotional patterns and heartache. Its frequency stimulates a sense of renewed hope and joy and is very useful for those who have issues of depression. Because of its combination Water and Earth element energies, Green Aventurine allows one to remain emotionally stable through periods of change or upheaval. It acts as an emotional anchor, keeping one rooted in the heart when emotional storms arise.

Green Aventurine reminds one of the law of impermanence, helping to release attachments to one’s creations and experiences. It encourages one to view change philosophically and to take each destruction in one’s life as an opportunity for growth in a new direction. It fosters optimism and deep appreciation for the myriad experiences life offers.

Green Aventurine has a gentle grounding effect on the vibrational field, encouraging energy to move out of the head and into the heart center. This is useful for those who tend to be too ‘heady’ or intellectual. Green Aventurine reminds us that an experience itself is often the teaching and that not every event must be analyzed.

*also comes in other colors