Tree Agate has some of the same traits as moss agate. It is a stone of great abundance. It brings abundance to business and agriculture. It is not a fast acting stone, but with patience it can be very successful. Bury a tree agate on each side of your front door to keep money coming into your home. Place a tree agate in a houseplant and watch it grow. Tree agate is white with green spots and bands.

Chakras: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth

Beneficial for: Immune system; infections; perseverance; fortitude; positive ego; unshakable self-esteem; emotional trauma; self-confidence; concentration; perception; analytical abilities; aura stabilization; negative-energy transformation; emotional disease; digestive process; gastritis; eyes; stomach; uterus; lymphatic system; pancreas; blood vessels; skin disorders

Tree Agate is an extremely stabilizing stone that instills a feeling of safety and security in the most challenging of situations. This stone makes a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature, restoring vitality, and should be worn for long periods. A useful earth-healer, it is an excellent stone for plants and trees of all kinds and can be gridded around a growing area. Offering protection against negativity and imparting strength, it helps you face unpleasant circumstances with equanimity, and overcome them, finding the gift within them.