ok…magickal names.  There are many ways to arrive at a magickal name.  Sometimes they are given to you…if you are in a coven situation.  Sometimes, you already have a name in mind.  However, it is also traditional to use numerology to arrive at a magickal name.  In using numerology, you want your birth number and your name number to be the same number.  In my magickal name, my first name is the same as my birth number.  I have a first and last magickal name, it’s up to you to decide if you want a first and last, or just one name.  Numerology goes like this…to arrive at your birth number, add the numbers of your birthdate together.  For instance, my birthday is January 24, 1970
0+1+2+4+1+9+7+0= 24=2+4=6
The number 6 is my birth number.  To get the corresponding letters to the numbers do like this:
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h    i   
j    k    l    m    n    o    p    q    r
s    t    u    v    w    x    y    z

If you have a certain name that you like, but it doesn’t fit your birth number, play with the spelling.

Say you like the name Morgana…well, it could be spelled that way, or Morganna, or Morganah, or Morgannah or Moregana…see what I mean?  It should be one that you KNOW is right for you, because you will have it the rest of your life.

It is stated that to know someone’s magickal name is to hold power over them, so don’t give it out casually.  Of course, if you get involved in a coven, everybody there will disclose their name and you should do likewise.  Use your own discretion.

I arrived at Aesobol because I liked the name Isobel.  Well, that didn’t fit my birth number, 6.  So, I played with spelling and pronunciation and arrived at Aesobol….which is 1+5+1+6+2+6+3=24=2+4=6.  Does that make sense to you?  Willowshade, I picked out as a last name, because when I was a child, I used to spend hours staring up at a neighbor’s Weeping Willow tree, in the shade, just daydreaming. 

One final note on giving out magickal names, and why I give out mine.  I give out mine for several reasons.  One is that I teach Wicca to some people online, and the best way to teach is through example, in my opinion.  Another reason is that I am a very powerful witch and can handle anything that comes my way.  Third, like magick, if you believe it will work, it will…if you do not believe, it won’t.  Fourth, I was forced to change my name on my Facebook account and unfriend all but a small handful of my high school friends because information was getting back to my mother on what I posted by a nosy mother of one of my then “friends” (BTW – I AM out of the broomcloset)…anyway….there are several reasons.  But as I said before, it is up to you.  While I give out my magickal name freely, I would never DREAM of giving my hair or fingernail clippings to someone…different people have different beliefs.  Anyway, if you do not have a magickal name yet, this is but one way of going about getting one…there are others.  Just remember, it is one that you CHOOSE, and will have FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  The Gods don’t call me by my birth name.  They call me “Aesobol”.

I hope I shed some light on magickal names for you.  If you’ve yet to find yours, good luck!

)O( Blessed Be!

All right….I think I’ve given you enough for now.

Blessed Be!