My libido has come to a complete halt, so I plan on using the power of the Blue Moon to kick start it again.  Earlier I had written that I had no idea what to do for the Blue Moon, but as I was putting away my passion ring (and after a talk with my Master and my lover), it hit me to do this spell.  So, this is what I plan to do.  (written by me)

Blue Moon Libido Spell (08-31-12)

Extra Spell Ingredients:
Smoky quartz and garnet ring
Red candle anointed in patchouli oil or vanilla oil or extract
Thunder water

Begin with Standard Ritual Proceeding
Insert Full Moon Power Rite
Then insert:

“Full Moon – so round and blue
I will for my wish to come true
With Your awesome staying power
Lend me Your magick this hour

“There is something that I lack
that I used to have, and I want back.
My libido has come to wane
And I will it back full force again.”

Light the red candle.  Pick up ring.

“With this ring of smoky quartz
and garnet – give my passion force”

Anoint the ring with thunderwater.

“Anointed with the water of thunder
I cast out prude-ness and rip it asunder.

Bring back sexuality.
I will it back as part of me.
From henceforth, this ring shall be known
As the sensuous, “Lady O.”

Pass through the incense smoke.

“Through Fire and Air – Air and Fire
Bring back all of my desire.”

Sprinkle with salt water.

“Through Earth and Water – Water and Earth
Give my libido rebirth.”

Put ring on forefinger of power hand.
Place hand on genital area.
Visualize a red power permeating from the ring to the area.
Chant three times:

“Ring of power, this very hour
Sexuality, bring back to me.”

Pause.  Remove hand.  Place hands in receiving position.

“Bless me, Lady and bless me, Lord
Let satisfaction be the reward
By the power of the Goddess and the God times three,
As I Will, So Mote It Be.”

Return to Full Moon Power Rite
Return and close with Standard Ritual Proceeding

You can also do this spell by making a sachet with garnet, smoky quartz and dried patchouli with a few drops of thunder water put in there, if you don’t have a suitable ring.

So glad I have it all figured out now.