One that REALLY works!

To be performed on the EVENING of the Full Moon (I did this on 06/04/2012)


3 Onyx chips

3 Quartz chips

1 eye agate

1 tsp. banishing mix (which you can get from

1 tsp armor all (a mix of high john and black salt that I make)

1 tsp Yule ashes

3 tips of sage

1 tsp sea salt

1 dash or 3 drops Holy Water (see recipe)

black sachet

mortar and pestle

black candle anointed in Cedarwood oil

Dragon’s Blood incense

tsp. measuring spoon

nail or pushpin for hanging sachet, if needed

smudge stick


“Protection for mine,

Protection for me,

As I Will, So Mote It Be”

Cast full circle

Do Full Moon Power rite

Insert spell where told

repeat charm 9 times throughout mixing ingredients in mortar and pestle deosil.

After mixed, pour into sachet

Hang sachet somewhere in the house.

After the circle is opened, smudge entire house beginning in the East and going clockwise.

After smudging is completed, take the Holy Water and beginning in the East touch the ceiling and floor of each room ( including garage). Pour some Holy Water in all drains and toilet tanks and bowls. Also, touch all faucets, the washing machine, the dishwasher, anywhere that something can enter your house. Draw pentacles on all outside doors (including garage doors) in Holy Water with power hand forefinger, and outline all thresh holds. Touch all windows.

“Malevolent spirits, I bid you, be gone!

By light of the Full Moon and the sky it is hung

Never again shall you roam here

This house is warded – now DISAPPEAR

By the Lord and the Lady’s awesome power

guided through me BEGINNING THIS HOUR

BE GONE from here this very night

never to return in darkness or light.

“My Lord and my Lady, my thanks I give Thee

for guiding me through this rite and this deed.

My intent is pure – as You can see

so As I Will, So Mote It Be”