I feel TOTALLY UNPREPARED for the Blue Moon on Friday.  With the exception of charging some items, I have not thought of a ritual or spell to do…it’s like I’m drawing a blank!  I SHOULD do something concerning my health.  I SHOULD do something concerning prosperity…so many SHOULDS!  Honestly, the only thing I SHOULD do is write a ritual for the Blue Moon, to mark the occasion.  And I will probably get around to doing that.  That, to me, is simple enough.  As a witch, it’s more about marking the Sabbats and Esbats than it is about working magick all the time.  (Although turning people into toads could come in very handy at times!)  Once I write my ritual, I will post it here.  Aside from that and charging some items, I am still unsure as of what to do.  Ideas are flying through my head at lightening speed now, and I feel a sense of urgency.  Thank the Goddess I have until Friday, and that I am a well-stocked witch!