(from Witchschool and spirit-animal.net)

ALLIGATOR:  survival, stealth

ANTELOPE:  speed, grace, rapid advancement

BADGER:  courage

BAT:  Moon and Darkness, overcoming blocks and bring past life knowledge

BEAR:  healing, prophetic dreams, increased intuition, giver of strength of body, courage and power of will, strength, introspection, self-knowledge

BEAVER:  building, shaping, structure

BEE:  service, gathering, community

BIRD:  (check to see if your particular bird isn’t listed):  unity, freedom, individuality

BUFFALO:  abundance, healing, good fortune

BUTTERFLY:  transformation, beauty, joy, balance, grace

CARIBOU:  travel, mobility

CAT:  good hunter, you can and will land on your feet

COUGAR:  balance, leadership

COYOTE:  sacred mischief, humor, trickiness, reversal of fortune

CRANE:  balance, majesty

CROW:  curiosity, playfulness, council, wisdom, resoursefulness

DEER:  spiritual knowledge, grace, strength, compassion, gentleness, sensitivity, peace

DOG:  protection, homebound, companionship, unconditional love

DONKEY:  stubborn, friendly, loyal, sure-footed

DOVE:  purity of heart and soul

DOLPHIN:  joy, harmony, connection with self

DRAGON:  fiery, rich, answers to riddles

DRAGONFLY:  break through illusions, gain power through dreams, higher aspirations, imagination, skill, refinement, relentlessness.

EAGLE:  strength, freedom, swiftness, spirituality, wisdom of ages gone, potency, healing power, illumination

ELK:  pride, power, majesty

FISH:  graceful, vulnerable

FOX:  cleverness, subtlety, discretion

FROG/TOAD:  it’s ok to cry, cleansing, peace, emotional healing

GOAT:  patient, steadfast, passionate, mystical, tenacity, diligence

GOOSE:  safe return, love of home

HAWK:  all-seeing, observation, awareness, truth

HEDGEHOG:  self-preservation, happiness, industrious

HEN:  nurturing, mothering, sacrifice

HORSE:  freedom, endurance, stamina, power, safe movement

HUMMINGBIRD:  fierce warrior, love magick, pleasure, beauty, wonder, agility

LION:  royalty, symbol of the Sun, courageous, guardian, protector

LIZARD:  vision, all knowing, letting go, elusiveness, old wisdom

LOON:  communication, serenity

LYNX:  keeper of secrets, stealth

MONKEY:  agility, loyalty, nurturing, family and family concerns

MOOSE:  unpredictability, spontaneity, confidence

MOUSE:  eye for details, illusion, charm, clever, quick-witted

OTTER:  joy, laughter, lightness

OWL:  fate-seer, riddler, silence, wisdom, vision, insight

PANTHER:  protection

PIG:  fertility, personal cycles, issues concerning children, life, death and rebirth, acceptor of the way things are

PORCUPINE:  innocence, humility

PUMA:  otherworld, grace, silent power

QUAIL:  protectiveness, group harmony

RABBIT:  hidden teachings, quickness of thought and action, brings worst fear to the forefront, stealth to fight fear, fertility, conquering fear, safety, innocence

RAVEN:  curiosity, playfulness, bearer of messages from the other side, Trickster, wise in oracles, omens, messenger and watcher of the Gods, mysterious, clever, justice, exploration of the unknown

SALMON:  trust, strength, determination, persistence, single mindedness

SANDPIPER:  quickness, foraging, scavenging

SEAGULL:  carefree attitude, versatility, freedom, survivor

SEAL:  contentment, intelligence, flow, harmony

SKUNK:  caution, warning, respect

SNAIL:  perseverance, determination, not being afraid of time

SNAKE:  sensuality, let go of old things, make room for new, power, life force, sexual potency

SPIDER:  fate, bringer of many paths, great web of life, interconnectedness, industrious in mystery

SQUIRREL:  plan ahead, balance work and play, trust, thrift, joy of life

SWAN:  elegance, nurturing together, relationship, oneness


WHALE:  creativity and intuition, deep thought, song of the soul

WOLF:  protection, knowledge, pathfinder, mark your territory, heart of the wildness of the world, teaching skill, loyalty, independence.