71 days until Samhain.  Seems like a long way off, but it will be here before you know it.  And if you’re on a budget (like me), you need to start preparing now.

We also need to get mentally prepared.  With the Blue Moon happening on August 31, it would be a great time to leave your divination tool of choice out overnight for charging to be used at Samhain.  Make sure it gets the full light of the moon sometime during the night.  For me, it’s my pendulums that I place on  an old tree stump I have in my back yard.

A craft idea for Samhain (though more suitable to start at Mabon) is to make a Samhain advent calendar.  This can be made with a piece of posterboard and some construction paper and pens/pencils/markers, etc.  On the poster board, draw figures that have to do with Samhain or Halloween, color them in, and cover them up with a cut out piece of construction paper (a good sticky note will do), and write a number of the countdown day.  Then, each day after Mabon, take off the appropriate cover to reveal the picture until Samhain.  If you’re no artist, this can also be done by finding pictures on the web and cutting and pasting them on.  It’s a fun way to prepare, especially if you have children.

If you find yourself unable to do your Samhain ritual October 31, use the actual cross-quarter.  This year, it is November 7th.Image