By Dorothy Morrison.  Found in her book, “The Craft”.


I am the harmonious tune of the songbird
and the laughter of a gleeful child.
I am the bubbling sound of the running brook
and the scent of the flowers wild.
I am the floating leaf upon the breeze
and the dancing fire in the forest glade.
I am the sweet smell of rains upon the soil
and the rapture of passion when love is made.
I am the germination of seed in the spring
and the ripening of wheat in the Sun.
I am the peaceful depth of the twilight
that soothes the soul when day is done.
I am found in the twinkling of an aged eye….
And found in the birth of a newborn pup…
Yes….Birth and Growth and Death, am I.
I am the gracious Earth, on whom you sup.
I am your Sister, your Mother, the Wise One.
I wrap you gently in the warmth of my love.
That which you seek you shall find within:
Not without….not below….not above!
Remember always, my children, be reverent
Be gentle, loving and kind to each other
And hold sacred the Earth and it’s creatures
For I am the Lady, Creatrix and Mother