By Dorothy Morrison.  Found in her book, “The Craft”.


I am the echo you hear in the forest deep
And the warmth of the Sun upon your face
I am the ageless sound of the ocean’s roar
And the power that’s felt in every wild place
I am the wheat that rustles low on the breezes
And the spark that ignites the hearth fire
I am the passion and power and ecstasy
That is reached at the end of desire
I am the squirrel who plays games in the treetops
And the young stag who runs wild and free
I am the clatter of hooves on an old gravel road
And the strength of the ancient oak tree
I am found in the wrinkles of the old crippled man
I am found in the child, young and strong
I am found in the joy of the union of love
In the passionate kiss, slow and long
I am your Lover, your Father, the Ancient One
Take my hand and I’ll teach you the Dance
Of the change of the seasons and the eye of the storm
Of fertility, love and romance
Remember always, my children, be merry
Hear the lilt of my music, so light
And hold sacred My realm and all it sustains
As you dance to My tune in the night