ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES:  sun symbol, 3 strips of paper per person, pens

MEDITATE ON:  Thanksgiving.  Introspection.  Ancestors.  Ma’bon stolen to the Underworld.



“The Lord, stolen to the Earth beneath
leaves the land for a time to weep
Though the light and the dark are equal now
The light unto the dark will bow.
With reverence we look within
And give thanks to our kith and kin.
Those who made us who we are
And those who have brought us this far.
A time to look inward and learn things new
During these dark seasons, too.
May faith guide us in the waning light
Until the sun shines down ever-bright.”

Write out 3 possible promises to make during the dark season.

“And now until Samhain’s Eve,
we lay down possibilities three
The decisions will be made upon then
As the New Year ends and begins.”

Take up your Sun symbol.

“This symbol of new life’s light
will warm us in the cold, dark nights
reminding us of the bounty’s return
when the Imbolc fires burn.”

Any spellworking should be done here.

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