Full moon – POWER

This Esbat is to use the maximum power of the Full Moon

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES:  spellworking supplies

MEDITATION:  make sure that what you are working towards harms none.



“Full Moon waxed to maximum power
I take the charge of this hour
And mix it with my purest intent
To use this time ingredient.

“Search my goal, and if it’s not true
then do not allow it to come due.
Mother, hold it up to the light
And judge it’s purity against the Moon’s might.

Insert spellworking here.

“With the pull of the Full Moon’s might
To the Universe I take my goal this night
Bring me that which I desire
Let the energies conspire.

“By the power of the Goddess and the God times three
as I will so mote it be
So long as there Is harm to none
So say I, this spell is done.”

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