Full moon – DECREASE

This Esbat is to begin the decrease or banishing of something as the moon wanes.

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES:  spellworking supplies

MEDITATION:  make sure that what you are working towards harms none.



“Now is the time when the moon is full.
A time to week out – a time to pull
All things that harm – all things bane
To disappear as the moon doth wane.

“Great Mother and Father – I ask Your aid
in pulling the wreckage that has been made.
To lessen the hurt – to lessen the pain
To lessen it all as the moon doth wane.”

Insert spellworking here.

“By the power of the Goddess and the God times three
as I will so mote it be
So long as there’s harm to none
So say I, this spell is done.”

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