A lot of people talking about protection these days.  Sometimes we have to venture to the dark to get stabilized in the light.  Even a witch of the BEST INTENTIONS must get nasty sometimes.  But within our laws.  What are your thoughts?  Protection magick is about as dark as some of us will ever go, ever mindful of the Rede and the Law of Three.  However, any witch worth their salt will have a few good protection spells on hand.  One for beginners (and an old favorite of mine) is the Witch’s Bottle.  For a Witch’s Bottle, you need:

A clean jar or bottle

sharp objects to put inside the jar or bottle (from small like pins and needles – pointy side up- to larger items like razor blades, depending on the container.

your urine

garlic (garlic salt or garlic powder from your kitchen will work in a pinch)

cinnamon (again from you kitchen, if you must)

Those are the basic ingredients.  I also like to add some Yule Ashes, something I call “Armor All” which is a mixture of High John and black salt, some thunder water or Holy Water (which I will explain in later posts).  Other things can be incorporated, too, depending on your path.

Put your sharp objects into the jar, catch your urine and pour into it and add the above (or your own you know to work well) ingredients.  Tightly seal the bottle or jar.  Swirl the contents around 13 times deosil, each time chanting,

“Witch’s Bottle, I ask of thee, Keep protection near to me, No ill nor harm, No harm nor ill, Through the power of the Gods, I work my Will.”

Either place the bottle in a non-conspicuous place near your front door step or for a more permanent solution, bury near there.