Our next Sabbat is Mabon (Madron). It is the height of the harvest, and often referred to as the Pagan’s “Thanksgiving”. But other things are into play. You need to be thinking about balance, as this is the autumn equinox, and “balancing your life” in order to REALLY accomplish the goals you set (inward, learning-type goals) for the winter season. So, put an end to old quarrels, and decide if you have paid the price for what you have reaped this year so far and will reap at the harvest. Do you have a debt to be paid? Some words that need apologizing for? etc, etc. If this is the case, go out to a natural area about a week before the Sabbat and collect leaves. Let them dry completely, and write symbols on them for those things you have set

tled. While it is ideal to have things settled BEFORE the Sabbat, there may be things that cannot be done until afterwards. Words, for instance, and broken relationships can be settled now. Debt, however, may not be settled. Regardless, speak your intentions and know you will be held accountable by the Gods. Write symbols on the leaves for these things, then burn in your cauldron. Scatter the ashes outside.

Mabon was historically a time when the prisoners were released to help with the harvest, so that is a reason for the feasting…a reuniting of sorts. And that brings us to the thought of Thanksgiving. It is also a time for remembering your ancestors, with Samhain, the next Sabbat, being the height of that.

We entered the dark half of the year at Midsummer, albeit without realizing it in our revelries. But during Midsummer, the Holly King beat the Oak King, and now, we must turn inward and think of things we wish to learn and accomplish on a more mental, spiritual level. This will carry us through the winter months…until Imbolc, really, so be thinking of a craft or a book or something you wish to study to make yourself more ‘witchy’. Indeed the Oak King will beat the Holly King at Yule, but it is still too cold to do things outdoors, and inward studies are appropriate.

Another thing to consider, as Raven mentioned, is giving food to the needy, so at Mabon, try to visit your local food pantry with a donation. It can be as small as a box of stuffing or as large as a full blown “Thanksgiving” dinner for a family, or even larger. Note that most of the people you are serving celebrate “Thanksgiving” at the National time of year, and center your gifts around that, and the local food pantry will appreciate it. And Raven, Thank You, for you reminded me of the stock of candied fruits I had in the pantry (which take a long, long while to expire), that I will be donating this Mabon to my local food pantry.